Temperature Monitoring Systems for Grain Storage

    CYTC is known as a specialist in grain temperature monitoring system. We supply complete range of products, softwares, and knowledge supports. CYTC has a strong team that develops the whole system and capable to supply our system in various flexible ways. We also accept customize request for supplying the products. Why so complicated?! When people talk about hi-tech products, always feel the system is difficult to use. CYTC gives you most modern technology with simple way to use. The friendly interface allows you to understand and learn every feature in 10 mins. What are you waiting for? Let's get started with CYTC.

CYTC Systems

LINK Version

Temperature Monitoring System Grain Grain Storage Management Silo Temperature Monitoring

Wireless Remote Connectivity

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Grain Storage Monitoring Bin Temperature Monitoring Paddy Rice Temperature Monitoring

PC-based Remote Monitoring

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CLOUD Version

Grain Monitoring System Manufacturer Grain Monitoring Grain Storage Manufacturer

PC-based Plus Cloud Service

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Grain Monitoring System Manufacturer

Temperature Cables

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Which CYTC system is right for YOU?

Real-Time Data
Stored Grain Level
Historical Data
Historical Data Export
System Alert
Cloud Service
Alerts by Email / SMS
Automatic Grain Management

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